You’d do anything to protect your family. But did you know…

You’re still vulnerable to criminal charges and financial ruin –  even if you did everything right? Your USCCA Membership arms you with the self-defense education, training, and legal protection you need to protect your family with confidence. Because, after all, doing the right thing shouldn’t 
cost you everything…

When shopping for Concealed Carry Insurance you will see that various companies offer various services.  It’s important to know what these coverages entail

Bail Bond Coverage

Some Concealed Carry Insurance Companies will cover your bail bond, up to a certain amount, if you’re facing trial for your actions

Appeals and Expungement Coverage

Some Concealed Carry Insurance companies will only cover your main trial.  If you’re found guilty and you would like to file an appeal, you will need to have a USCCA Insurance company that covers both the main trial and an appeal.  Engagement coverage gives you coverage to expunge your record in the event you are found innocent.

Criminal Defense Fund Cap

Some insurance companies will cover you up to a certain amount.  This is important since some defense fees can easily exceed 1 million dollars.

Gun-Rifle Protection

USCCA Membership

Safety Amid Uncertainty: USCCA Special Report |Feat. COLION NOIR|
Safety Amid Uncertainty: USCCA Special Report [Feat. NSSF CEO Joe Bartozzi]